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WordTalk was conceived and developed by~Rod Macaulay~of TASSC in Aberdeen, Scotland who later received a~Microsoft Innovative Teacher Award~for its development.
For people with reading and writing difficulties, having text reinforced by hearing it read aloud can be very useful.
It is also useful for proof reading and learning another language.

03022017_092029_0.png~Speaks entire document, paragraph or word;
03022017_092029_0.png~Highlights the text as it goes;
03022017_092029_0.png~Talking dictionary;
03022017_092029_0.png~Adjust the word highlight colours;
03022017_092029_0.png~Change the voice and the speed;
03022017_092029_0.png~Convert text to speech (wav or mp3).

Is WordTalk really free?
Yes, no hidden costs! WordTalk is free~and...
You may:
03022017_092029_6.png~Install on as many machines as you need;
03022017_092029_6.png~Distribute it to students, friends and family;
03022017_092029_6.png~Use for educational and non-profit purposes.

How do I use WordTalk?
The WordTalk toolbar~sits neatly in your~Microsoft Word toolbar. It allows you to use Word as a 'text-reader'.
To do this, you simply click you cursor where you want WordTalk to start speaking,

and then press one of the following buttons (first 4 on toolbar):
  • Speaks the~entire document;
  • Speak the~paragraph;
  • Speak the~sentence;
  • Speak the~word.
WordTalk will now~highlight a word~as it is spoken.

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