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Currently we are piloting IDL in 10 primary and two secondary schools. This is an Intensive Multisensory Intervention program for people experiencing dyslexia. The project ended in June. Feedback at this time is very positive. See Web Folder B below for the end of pilot report.

Important aspects of the program are:

IDL uses sight, sound, touch, and voice to improve reading and spelling. Links are made between the visual, auditory and tactile pathways.

IDL automatically generates a starting point for pupils based on their individual reading and spelling ability. The program can also meet individual visual needs – pupils can choose their own page background and text colours to make tracking and place finding easier, helping to combat visual stress.

IDL encourages pupils to learn independently, allowing for larger intervention groups. The cloud is used to store pupil progress so they can work from any location - picking up where they left off.
IDL has been simply designed to make it easy for pupils and teachers to use. Pupils will be able to work independently or with minimum supervision, whilst teachers will be able to track and monitor progress effortlessly.

Bright, colourful imagery can be fun and engaging, but this can often be a visual distraction for pupils with Dyslexia and dyslexic type tendencies - this can make it difficult to differentiate between text and graphics.~ IDL has been purposefully designed to enable pupils to solely focus on letters and words as they appear on screen.

The IDL powerpoint from the North Lanarkshire Learning Festival can be accessed in the Web Folder for this site. See margin.

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