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Dictate Notes to Your iPad with Dragon Dictation
It was inevitable that once we started talking into mobile phones, we’d want to talk~to~them as well. Now, thanks to Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you can have your phone or other mobile device take over the pesky task of typing notes.
So you can easily dictate notes to your iPad and even e-mail it. It’s (at least) five times faster than typing on that little keyboard!

To create notes with Dragon Dictation, follow these steps:

Quick Start
With the Dragon Dictation app open on your iPad, tap the Notes button on the upper-left corner of the screen.
You see a split screen. On one side, you see your list of notes. On the other is the dictation of your last note, as shown.

Start Speaking
Tap the plus sign (+) to start recording
You see that your dictation is recorded and will be in your list of notes until you either delete it or do something else with it.

Stop Speaking
Tap the plus sign (+) again when you are done.
With the Notes app, you can record and save passages of text, send them as an e-mail, or post to a social network.
Notes you dictate are automatically saved and put in your notes list. To manually delete a note, use the Trash icon. Your note will also be deleted if you send it as an e-mail or Cut it.

Spoken Commands
Here are spoken commands to help you along!

New Line or Next Line
Press the enter key once, capitalise the next word.
New Paragraph or Next Paragraph
Press the enter key twice, capitalise the next word
Caps On
Type with an initial capital
All Caps On
Type in all uppercase
Caps Off
Stop typing words with initial capitals
Enter a space

Full stop
Question mark
Exclamation mark
Equals sign
And sign
At sign
Hash sign
Forward slash or  slash or stroke
Open inverted comma
Close inverted comma

Open quote, begin quote
Close quote, end quote
Open brackets
Close brackets
Percent sign
Pound sign
Dollar sign

Instructions for Dragon Dictation on the iPad / iPhone

Recording and Editing

Speak the name of the punctuation marks that you want to use when dictating. For example, if you get to the end of a sentence, say "Period" or "Question Mark." To use quotation marks, say "Begin Quote" or "Open Quote" and then "End Quote" or "Close Quote." Start a new line by saying "New Line" or "Next Line"; start a new paragraph by saying "New Paragraph" or "Next Paragraph."

Tap the screen when you are finished speaking. Dragon Dictation processes the recording and then displays it on the screen.

Tap a word to highlight it, and then tap "Delete" to remove it from the note. You can also tap the keyboard icon and edit the word using the virtual keyboard or tap the "Tap and Dictate" button and speak the replacement word. You can edit multiple words at once by tapping the first word in the phrase or sentence and dragging your finger over the remaining words.

Sending and Deleting

Tap the note that you want to send or delete in the "Notes" list.

Touch the down-facing arrow and then tap "Email," "Facebook" or "Twitter." When you tap email, you need to fill out the recipient's email address and any additional message that you want to include. Posting to Facebook or Twitter requires confirmation in the window that appears.

Tap the trash can icon if you want to delete the note. Your options are "Last Dictation," which removes the part of the note that was last recorded, or "Note," which deletes the entire note.

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