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Scottish Voices Free

You can download the Scottish Voices for Stuart and Heather and documents will be read out by these and the audio will also be saved in that voices in Word Talk. There is also a Gaelic voice if required (Ceitidh) .
Heather at

Hear Stuart at

Hear Ceitidh (Katie) at

Use the voices with a text reader to:
03022017_094902_2.pngRead PDF files (such as~SQA exam papers);
03022017_094902_2.pngRead documents in Microsoft Word;
03022017_094902_2.pngRead web pages;
03022017_094902_2.pngCreate audio files using the voice;
03022017_094902_2.pngSpeech with an electronic communication aid.
The voices are licensed for non-commercial, non-profit personal,
educational and research purposes for:
  • State-run schools,
  • Pupils at home,
  • Scottish Colleges,
  • Scottish Universities,
  • Scottish Open University students,
  • Scottish charities dealing with pupils and NHS patients,
  • Scottish Local Authorities,
  • NHS Scotland,
  • Scottish government agencies and public sector in general.
The voices are not licensed for:
  • Independent schools,
  • Private companies,
  • Scottish students studying abroad,
  • and individuals not covered by the above.

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