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Text to Speech
What is NaturalReader?

NaturalReader is Text to Speech software with natural sounding voices.

Dyslexic learners find both spelling and reading are often challenging. Written text can be pasted into the program to be read out in natural sounding human speech. They'll find their comprehension and reading will improve as they hear the material, and simultaneously see the words highlighted on-screen, as it reads along. If you have the Scottish Voices installed on your computer the free version will recognise them too!

Download the free version of NaturalReader from:

Alternatively download it from the Sam Group Resources folder in the File Storage area of the ICT Coordinator conference in First Class.
Pathway  (Computer Centre -> ICT Coordinators -> File Storage -> 06022015_142437_0.png ->  06022015_143416_0.png

The free version also has online access to 1171 ebooks which have no copyright restrictions.


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