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SAM Group and Special Schools
Working with Special Schools

The SAM Group was set up to support the inclusion of pupils in mainstream placements. There are however opportunities where SAM Group staff may liaise with staff in specialist placements. This is generally for advisory or CPD issues.

SAM staff may be involved in transition procedures where a referred pupil is moving from mainstream to a specialist placement or from a specialist placement into mainstream.

Where a pupil is moving from a mainstream placement to a special school : the pupil will be able to take any equipment which has been allocated from the SAM Resource Bank to the special school. That equipment will remain part of the SAM Group Resource Bank and is loaned under the usual conditions regarding care and maintenance. The receiving school will be asked to sign for the equipment. Thereafter any further resources will be the responsibility of the receiving special school to provide.
Where a pupil is moving from a special school to mainstream: the mainstream school will follow stage 1 to stage 3 procedures in deciding what level of intervention is required for the pupil. It may be that at stage 3 the pupil will be referred to the SAM Group.

Equipment on Loan
The SAM Group does not have a facility to purchase equipment for Special Schools however there may be an opportunity for a special school to borrow equipment for a month to trial with a specific pupil. This will depend on the availability within the SAM Group Resource Bank of the equipment being sought.

Staff Training
All NLC teachers have access to Sam Group Training events. These are held when a new piece of software, online resource or equipment or specialist input device. The SAM Group link with teachers, parents / carers and NHS staff for this purpose.

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