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Maths Apps for Primary Schools
This list outlines iPad (and in several instances iPhone) Apps which can be used in the learning and teaching of mathematics in primary school settings.

It is not an exhaustive list however it does provide a diverse range of apps. There are reference apps, games based apps, activity apps and teacher ‘tool’ apps. All of the apps listed were available to download in February 2018.

The majority are free to download however there are some which require a one off purchase or offer in app purchases.

Whilst the booklet has been produced with teachers in mind there are several apps which focus on parents as ‘homework helpers’ and others which are useful resources such as the ‘Talking Calculator’

For a fuller explanation download the 'Using Maths Apps to Support Numeracy in Primary Schools' pdf booklet (with active links) from Web Folder - folder  in this website.

Arithmetic Invaders Express (free)
Maths Skill Builders Primary  (free Lite Version)
Maths Skill Builders Primary    (Cost £6.99)
Count Battle (free)
TT Subtraction  (£0.99)
TT Addition   (£0.99)
Motion Math: Hungry Guppy Edu by Motion Math (free)
Math Kid (free)
Quick Maths Jr. (free offers in app purchases)
Feed a Frog (free)
My Times Tables (free)
Maths Wiz (free)
Addition ! (free)
Arithmetic Wiz  (free)
Maths Facts Number Bonds
Math Train Free - Addition Subtraction for kids (free)
123 Ninja the First Numbers Slicing Game for Kids (£0.99)
Math Vocabulary Cards by the Math Learning Center(free)
Math Buddy Learning Games by Recurvo Learning & Educational Apps (free)
Geo Board
Number Rack
Number Pieces
Number Pieces Basic
Maths Vocabulary
Number Frames
Pattern Shape
Shuttle Mission Maths (Free)~
Visual Algebra Puzzles (Free)~
Dare to Share Fairly by Math Playground (Free)~
Equation Creations (Free)~
Thinking Blocks Addition (Free)
Thinking Blocks Multiplication (Free)~
Thinking Blocks Fractions (Free)
Thinking Blocks Ratios (Free)~
Maths Balance : Games For Kids (free – in app purchases)
Maths Operator Age 5-11 (free)
Animal Math Pre-K  (Price Free offering In-App Purchases)
Number Games Match Game Free Games for Kids Math (Price Free offering In-App Purchases)
Shape Game Colors Free Preschool Games for Kids (Price Free offering In-App Purchases)
Animal Math Games for Kids in Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade Learning Numbers, Counting, Addition and Subtraction Premium (£4.99)
Animal Math 1st Grade Math (£5.99)
Addition and Subtraction Math Flashcard Match Games for 1st and 2nd Grade (£5.99)
Touchtronic 123's by Junior Learning (free)
Match The Number Bug  (free)
Place Value Fish   (free)
Sum Spin (free)
Color by Numbers - Animals by Kedronic UAB (free)
Candy Count by YuuZoo (free)
Kids Number, Addition & Subtraction Math Ed Games by Tribal Nova (free)
Tiggly Chef Addition: Preschool Math Cooking Game by Tiggly (free)
Tiggly Addventure: Number Line Math Learning Game by Tiggly (free)
Interactive Telling Time by GiggleUp Kids Apps And Educational Games Pty Ltd (free)
Learn Number Tracing & Writing for Kindergarten, First & Second Grade Kids (free)
Park Math by Duck, Duck, Moose (free)
Moose Math by Duck, Duck, Moose (free)
Pet Bingo  by Duck, Duck, Moose (free)
Math Blast (free)
Code Blast by Matt Rayner (£0.99)
Matholia Tools (free)
iLearn Math     (£0.99)
Maths Charts (free – limited access.  Full access cost is £4.99)
Maths Homework - How Can I Help by United Learning (free)
Math Facts Fluency - Addition & Subtraction Skill Builder
Math Facts Fluency - Multiplication and Division Skill Builder
Math Vocab Bundle:  Grades 1,2 & 3
Math Word Problems - Step by Step:  School Edition
Good at Math by (free)
Sushi Monster (free)
Maths Dictionary with illustrations by Stargate (free)
Skoolbo by Skoolbo Pte Ltd
K-5 Math - Kids Learning Games by StudyPad, Inc. (free)
Lobster Diver HD by Learning Games Lab, NM State University (free)
Free Talking Calculator by Roundhouse Software LLC
Monkey Maths - Jetpack Adventure (free)
Maths Bridges Year 1 - 3 Games (free)
Math Splash Bingo (free)
Cool Kids Maths Games Ks1, Ks2 (free)
Classroom Pencil CasCool math games ks1, ks2 - Counting, addition (free)
Mathsframe - assorted games

 Mathsframe Number Games (£6.99)

Monty's Maths Wall (Free)

Monty's Maths Wall (£1.99)

KinderTEK Research by University of Oregon Digital Press (free to use as Guest but £6.99 to enroll up to 30 users)

KinderTEK Math  (£6.99)

Maths, age 3-5 by onebillion

Maths, age 4-6 by onebillion

Numbuko by Andrew Manches
Adding Up for Little Children by Xenosoft Limited
Todo Math by Enuma, Inc.
King of Math Jr Lite by Oddrobo Software AB

Piko's Blocks - Spatial Reasoning Learning Tool by Creetah Ltd. (free)

DiscoG - Mission 2 Maths for iPad by GNP Consulting Limited

Maths Rescue : Games For Kids by Makkajai Edu Tech Private Limited

SAS Math Stretch by SAS Institute Inc.

The Fun Way to Learn Algebra - FREE - Hands-On Equations 1 Lite

17 - Math is Life by Tao Wu

Glow Burst Free by TMSOFT

Number Line Galaxy Lite by madebyeducators

Logic City Jr Lite by Minds On Play LLC

Math Quiz Lite : Add Subtract Multiply & Divide by Maelstrom Interactive (free)

Cyberchase 3D Builder by PBS KIDS (free)

Fizzy's Lunch Lab Fresh Pick by PBS KIDS  (free)

Cyberchase Shape Quest by PBS KIDS  (free)

Virtual Manipulatives! by  (free)

MyBackpack - Waterford Learning by Waterford Institute
This includes
Mybackpack Features 4 Mental Math Games for addition and subtraction.
- Balloon Race - Rock Climb - Let’s Build - Frustration!

Maths Animations by Xicheng Dong

Fraction Basics - Easy & Effective Fractions Tutor by Visual Math Interactive

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