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Oxford Owl eBooks
Oxford Owl    Free eBooks on computer / laptop and for iPad( home use only) see bottom of this page.
Oxford Owl is a free site that offers eBooks for 3-11 year olds. The site provides fiction and non- fiction.

To begin go to:
To access the eBook Library select My Class Login.
A Welcome to Oxford Owl window opens requesting User name and Password.

Enter the username as samgroup
Enter the password as  samsen
User Name        samgroup
Password           samsen
Now select My Bookshelf
You can now choose age range and/ or eBook series and/ or Theme. When you select any of these tabs a drop down menu appears. Select your choice then click on Go.
Your bookshelf will then display the range of eBooks available. Click on the eBook you want.
The chosen eBook will appear with a ‘audio’, ‘play’ and ‘stop’ button as well as a ‘zoom in and out’ and ‘turn page’ feature.
Turn pages to listen to the eBook.
Pre Reading and Early Reading
It is also worth noting that many of the eBooks for ages 3-7 have incorporated on-screen follow up activities.
These are linked to associated emergent literacy skills and give children some practical and relevant learning exercises. For instance if ‘NoTricks Gran’ was the chosen eBook these two activities would be available.

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Oxford Owl Free ebooks on iPad for home use as Puffin doesn't worked on NLC Servers
If you want to use the ebooks on an iPad then if you download the Puffin ‘Free’ Browser

If you then open this browser on the iPad (not Safari) and then search for Oxford Owls Login as above :

Then following the above procedure within Puffin will enable the use of the eBook Library.

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