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Staged Intervention

Individual Pupil(s): When seeking support for an individual pupil, a Request for Assistance proforma should be completed.  The information captured on this form will enable the manager of the relevant locality to consider the request, but will also provide vital information for planning and assessment purposes.   Additionally, an Education Single Agency Assessment Part 1 should be submitted with the Request for Assistance.

General Circular 201/17
26 October 2017

Dear Colleague
Request for Assistance – Change to Procedures

I am writing to make you aware of a change to the procedures when submitting a Request for Assistance.  With immediate effect request for assistance for Inclusion/LAC; Early Learning Communication and Transition (ELCAT); Literacy; S.A.M and English as an Additional Language (EAL) will be allocated on a locality basis.
Appropriate request for assistance paperwork relating to such requests should be sent to the following mailboxes; based on school locality:

You should request a read receipt prior to sending your request. Requests will be acknowledged by the Additional Support Managers base.
Should you have any questions please contact your Additional Support Manger:

Carolan Burnet / Lyndsay Malley – 01236 632363 (North Locality)
Tina Milligan / Karen Clarkson – 01236 632233 (Central Locality)
Bob Duncan/ Donna McCann – 01698 274656 (South Locality)

Yours sincerely

Tim Sharpe
Education Officer

Whole School Approach : It is acknowledged that in number of cases a school may be seeking support for a much broader whole school activity e.g. staff training, capacity building,  co-operative learning activities, establishment of a specific group intervention such as a nurture group.  In such instances a Request for Assistance form should still be completed however your answers will reflect the whole school context and approach. Where there are links to your current school improvement plan a copy of the plan evidencing that the development should be attached.

The SAM Group liaises with the member of staff who normally has a remit relating to ASN management.
The referral form is normally completed by this person in consultation with teacher(s) and support staff. Parents or carers are informed of the procedure.  

The SAM Team will assist staff members who are planning Level 1 interventions for groups of pupils i.e. Lexion / Clicker 6 pupils. However should any pupil be identified as reqiuiring assistive technology or ICT support to access the curriculum, then the above procedure can also be used to refer that pupil.

Owen Dunn November 2017

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